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public markets

windermere investment corporation invests opportunistically in the public markets.

the firm seeks to identify attractive investments that can be acquired at conservative valuations. 

we begin our investment approach with an assessment of current macroeconomic conditions and develop a view on the present state of the economic cycle.  we then try to identify industry sectors and geographies that may be unduly negatively perceived by the market.  within these sectors and geographies, we then identify specific investment opportunities and perform our own detailed assessment of each opportunity.  we generally rely on the analysis performed by our own in-house staff as opposed to sell-side research.

due to our deep expertise in real asset investing and conservative valuation approach, we tend to invest in companies that have tangible assets.  that said, we recognize that even companies with tangible assets can be volatile and extremely risky, such as those in the natural resource sector.

our specific investment strategies in the public markets include the following:

deep value investment opportunities

  • equity and debt investments trading at conservative valuations

  • distressed debt investments

long/short investment opportunities

  • long equity investments in companies that are building market share but are trading at a modest valuation

  • offset by a short sale of companies in the same industry that are not growing as rapidly, yet are trading at a higher valuation

capital arbitrage opportunities

  • long debt investment companies that generate substantial cash flow but have difficulty growing their revenues

  • offset by a short sale of the equity of the same company

real estate

windermere investment corporation invests opportunistically in the real estate markets.

we tend to focus on asset classes that produce long-term sustainable cash flow.

consequently, we focus on premier quality commercial real estate investments in high growth markets, and avoid more volatile sectors like hotels and retirement homes.

the firm has invested, with the support of brookfield asset management inc., in a commercial real estate development in ukraine. this project is a 120,000 sqm multi-use office park located in lviv.

private equity

windermere investment corporation invests in small to medium size private equity investments.

the firm seeks to identify companies that need growth capital to expand their operations but already have a strong management team in place and a solid business plan.

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